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Pebbles presents “9th Chemistry”, an audio visual educational help tool to the students to understand the complex subject matter easily. The DVD lime lights spectacular animations on various Experiments and chemical reactions covering multifaceted aspects of the latest educational trends backed by commanding voice over by media professionals. The animated experiments have an intrinsic approach captivating the young minds effortlessly. A must on hand for the young and aspiring students, the DVD covers the following                                                                                            .   
Topics Covered
Atomic Theory
Discovery of electrons
J.J.Thomson's & Rutherford's Experiment
Canal Rays, Bohr's Atomic model
Periodic Table
Mendeleev's Periodic Table
Limitations of Mendeleev's Periodic Table
Groups & Periods
Gaseous State
Properties of gases, Units of Pressure
Different scales of Temperature
Boyle's Law, Charle's Law
Dalton's Law of partial pressures
“Graham's” Law of diffusion
Chemical Bonding
Types of Bonds, Co-ordinate bond
Formation of Ionic & Covalent bonds
Formation of Methane,Ethane & Acetylene
Organic Compounds
Catenation, Isomerism, Polymerism
Classification of Organic compounds
Preparation of Chlorine
Properties and uses of chlorine
Test for Chlorides & Iodides
Preparation of Hydrogen Bromide &
Hydrogen Iodide
Preparation and uses of Hcl
Types of solutions, Colloids
Tyndal Effect, Arrhenius Theory
Electrolysis, Electroplating
Electrolytic Refining
Noble Gases
Zero group elements,
Preparation, properties & uses of Methane
Preparation, properties & uses of Ethylene
Preparation, properties & uses of Acetylene
Industrial Chemistry
Refining, Petro products, Making of Glass
Properties, Types and Uses of Glass