9th biology-cbse

9th Biology-CBSE

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Pebbles presents “CBSE 9th Std Biology”, an audio visual educational help tool to the students to understand the complex subject matter easily. The DVD limelights spectacular animations on various experiments and Physical concepts covering multifaceted aspects of the latest educational trends backed by commanding voice over by media professionals. The animated experiments have an intrinsic approach captivating the young minds effortlessly. A must on hand for the young and aspiring students, the DVD covers the following: 

Unicellular & Multicellular Organism Cell Wall, Nucleus, Cytoplasm Cell Organelles, Endoplasmic Reticulum Golgi Apparatus, Lysosomes Mitochondria, Plastid, Vacuoles 

Plant Tissues, Meristematic Tissues Simple Permanent Tissue Complex Permanent Tissues Section of a Stem, Epithelial Tissue Squamous epithelium, Blood Cuboidal epithelium, Muscular Tissue, Connective Tissue, Nervous Tissue Areolar connective tissue 

Diseases and its Impact
Deceases & its Causes Acute & Chronic Diseases Chronic & Causes of Diseases Infectious Diseases, Virus & Bacteria Means of Spread, Principles of Principle of Prevention & Treatment

Diversity in Organism 
Hierarchy of Classification Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae Thallophyta, Pteridophyta Angiosperms, Animalia, Porifera Coelenterata, Platyhelminthes Nematoda, Annelida, Arthropoda Mollusca, Echinodermata, Pisces Protochordata, Reptilia, Aves Mammalia, Vertebrata, Amiphibia 

Crop Production
Food From Plants & Animals Crop production, Storage of Crops Preparation of Soil, Leveling Friendly Earthworms Applying & Chemical Fertilizers Harmful effects of Fertilizers Sowing of Seeds, Scare Crows Separation of Seeds Seeds sown in Nurseries Weeding, Pests, Harvesting of Crop Uses of Herbicides