CBSE Class 9 English (2 CD Pack)

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Edurite’s English CD’s provide students with a through understanding of English class 9th concepts.

  1. Edurites’ Class 9th CBSE English CD’s have been designed keeping the class 9th curriculum in mind and offer a chapter wise coverage of all the lessons along with a clear voice over.
  2. Our CD’s also have an extensive question and answer key with topic wise coverage.
  3. A glossary of terms used and tips and guidelines to crack exams.

List of chapters covered in our English CD’s:

  1. The Missing Mail
  2. The Woman on Platform 8
  3. The Necklace
  4. The Pendulum
  5. Palanquin Bearers
  6. The Brook
  7. The Solitary Reaper
  8. Lord Ullin’s Daughter
  9. The Seven Ages
  10. The Road Not Taken
  11. I Cannot Remember My Mother
  12. Mirabai
  13. The Bishops’ Candlesticks
  14. Importance of Effective Writing
  15. Linguistically Controlled and Guided Exercises
  16. Short Composition with Word Limit
  17. Extended Composition Based on Verbal Stimulus
  18. Extended Writing with Visual Stimulus
  19. Reading
  20. Work Book
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