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Edurite’s CBSE class 9th combi pack offers a set of interactive and interesting CD’s to learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

  1. The Edurite CD’s have been developed by subject experts and are completely mapped to the Class 9th curriculum.
  2. The advantage of using our combi-pack is that you get coverage for all subjects in one place since these CD’s are a text book, reference book, question bank and e-learning resource all put together.
The Combi-Pack CD at a glance:
  1. World class content comprising of animations, simulations and diagrams to make learning interesting.
  2. Chapter wise coverage for all topics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics mapped to the CBSE syllabus.
  3. Virtual Classroom with a voice-over and detailed coverage for each topic.
  4. Self Testing Tool allowing a student to test his/her knowledge on a particular subject and topic along with a performance analyzer to find out how a student has scored.
  5. E-book with detailed explanations, diagrams, tabulations, and questions and answers.
  6. Glossary with detailed listing and explanations of all the terms used.
  7. Questions papers along with suggested answers and mock questions for practice and revision of concepts learned.
  8. Tips and valuable guidelines on making exam preparation even more effective

List of chapters covered in our Combi-Pack CD’s:

  1. Matter In Our Surroundings
  2. Is Matter Around us Pure
  3. Atoms and Molecules
  4. Structure of the Atom
  5. The Fundamental Unit of Life
  6. Tissues
  7. Diversity in Living Organisms
  8. Motion
  9. Force and Laws Of Motion
  10. Gravitation
  11. Work and Energy
  12. Sound
  13. Why do we Fall ill
  14. Natural Resources
  15. Improvement in Food Resources

Demo(s) for this product

  1. Real Numbers
  2. Polynomials
  3. Linear Equations in two variables
  4. Coordinate Geometry
  5. Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
  6. Lines and Angles
  7. Triangles
  8. Quadrilaterals
  9. Area (Areas of Parallelogram and Triangles)
  10. Circles
  11. Constructions
  12. Areas (HERON’S Formula)
  13. Surface Areas and Volumes
  14. Statistics
  15. Probability

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Social Science
  1. The French Revolution
  2. Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
  3. Nazism and the Rise of Hitler
  4. Forest Society and Colonialism
  5. Pastoralists in Modern World
  6. Peasants and Farmers
  7. History and Sport: The Story of Cricket
  8. Clothing A Social History
  9. India Size and Location
  10. Physical Features of India
  11. Drainage
  12. Climate
  13. Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
  14. Population
  15. Democracy in the Contemporary World
  16. What is Democracy? Why Democracy?
  17. Constitutional Design
  18. Electoral Politics
  19. Working Institutions
  20. Democratic Rights
  21. The Story of Village Palampur
  22. People as Resource
  23. Poverty as a Challenge
  24. Food Security in India
  25. Becoming a Disaster Manager
  26. Components of Disaster Management
  27. Disaster Risk Reduction
  28. Some Common Man Made Disasters
  29. Community Based Disaster

Demo(s) for this product


  1. The Missing Mail
  2. The Woman on Platform 8
  3. The Necklace
  4. The Pendulum
  5. Palanquin Bearers
  6. The Brook
  7. The Solitary Reaper
  8. Lord Ullin’s Daughter
  9. The Seven Ages
  10. The Road Not Taken
  11. I Cannot Remember My Mother
  12. Mirabai
  13. The Bishops’ Candlesticks
  14. Importance of Effective Writing
  15. Linguistically Controlled and Guided Exercises
  16. Short Composition with Word Limit
  17. Extended Composition Based on Verbal Stimulus
  18. Extended Writing with Visual Stimulus
  19. Reading
  20. Work Book

Demo(s) for this product