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The concept of myEshala has been designed after studying the busy schedule of parents and children. A child is expected to assimilate so much information and have so much extra knowledge in a very limited time in school. There is no time in school to reinforce these and not enough exposure to the subject to make it interesting enough. Parents are quite busy too and cannot re-teach everything again.

 All this leads to an academic deficit for the child. As this accumulates, children do not reach their true potential. Here is where myEshala takes over. Lectures, which are made very interesting, are available to you at home. After small segments, preliminary testing is done to make sure the child is paying attention. And then, you get a detailed report of what your child has studied, understood and recommendations on whether it needs to be done again or the child can go to the next chapter – so you can also take action accordingly.

 Better studying leads to better understanding. This leads to better performances in school, more confidence and a love for learning in your child. And myEshala does not deliver just the academics part of school. As we grow, your children will have access to other extra curricular activities as well! This gives your child the other things that are necessary – apart from academics – just like the child would get in a school. All this while. you remain updated on all the activities of the child!

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If you still want to know more details about what magic myEshala can do for your child, here they are:



The heart and soul of myEshala are its lectures, or tutorials as we call them. These tutorials make every lesson taught very interesting for the child. It's not restricted only for the child though - many times, parents are also known to have benefitted from the tutorials! This is hardly a surprise, as we pack so much information in each, combined with multimedia power, that everyone who watches the tutorials, loves them.

We have made tutorials in such a way, that a child will get complete information from each tutorial. There are no half-baked tutorials, and no "concept" based tutorials, where children or parents have to search through material, to find what is to be learnt.

Opening the board subscribed textbook index, and comparing it with the content in myEshala, you see a direct match! This is a big deal, as we have tailor made our content for every subject.

This also gives parents a clear view of what their child is learning, and what chapters are going to be covered in a particular unit for the school.

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What good is a software learning system if it doesn't have quizzes? myEshala has the best quizzes that have seen the light of the day.

When a tutorial is seen, how does one evaluate the level of understanding of a student? Yes, through a quiz. But, how can some simple multiple choice questions help in assessing the child?

There are two misconceptions to be cleared here. The first and the foremost is that multiple choice questions are easy. Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are far from easy. We conducted online tests for students of Millennium National School, and the results were surprising. The best of the students found their marks to be lesser than what they would have expected in a written exam, as none of the questions asked had direct answers. The students had to rack their brains to get a perfect answer. Unless a concept was known thoroughly (that is, if they had watched our tutorials thoroughly), it was impossible to guess the correct answer! The questions presented to the children are not scary - they are challenging. Since these questions are made after extensive research in the classroom, they have a challenge associated with them. Every student feels that a question is a challenge!

The second misconception is that multiple choice questions (MCQs) cannot identify weak areas. In fact, its just the opposite. Our questions are made in such a way, that if a student wrongly answers some of them, we know exactly what the child hasn't understood! We have a detailed reporting system, which will give feedback as to what is necessary to do in what section of a particular chapter. Again, this provides a fine grained control for parents of what their child need to do more of.

Going ahead, all exams in the future will be MCQ based (the movement as already begun). Students using myEshala will therefore have an added advantage of already being on top of using MCQ's. The only thing which might annoy them later on their life is that they won't find all quizzing software as good as myEshala!

We set tasks for a child on a regular basis in our software. Through this,  it can be made sure that a child studies regularly.

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What gives us an edge over the already flooded market of educational software?

There are a few things which give us a unique advantage.

Firstly, our deep insight into technology. We are a group of people who have been at the forefront of technology and multimedia for the past many years. We understand technology and multimedia, and know how to use it effectively to deliver exceptional content. We know how to simplify things rather than complicate them for the end user - the child.

Next, our keen sense of identifying and solving problems. We have observed that the content available in the market is either too simple, or too difficult for children to use. Our experience with teaching in the classroom using multimedia has led us to make content which is suited for a particular age group. We use language and technology as effective tools for communication, not to show off our language or technical skills.

Next, the comprehensiveness of our product. We have a target for the Maharashtra State Board (SSC) syllabus as of now. We have observed countless number of softwares which sell "concepts". Children are expected to use these concepts as and when necessary. We, on the other hand, provide a chapter by chapter tutorial for every subject (Hindi and Marathi excluded for now). We also do the same for quizzes. This makes it very tedious for us to make the content, but, the children get a huge benefit of seeing a monolithic lesson rather than picking up broken pieces here and there. This is especially true for the SSC Board, which is the most under-rated and the most neglected board in the country, for no apparent reason (there is an in-depth explanation of the same on our sister site)

Last, but not the least, our back-bone, Millennium National School, an ultra-modern day boarding school that has shaped the way we think about children and technology together. We can easily claim to be the best because we have been able to successfully deploy this package effectively in the school for all the children. We have been through an interactive process of improvement by listening to students, teachers and parents on various issues, and improving on them. We were able to identify problem areas and have solved them with myEshala.

We are confident that myEshala will stand out shining amongst others. We have said enough. Let myEshala do the talking now.