10th chemistry


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Pebbles presents “10th Chemistry” for the studious young students. It contains interactive CBTs on Chemistry. The topics are elaborately explained with the help of Images, Animations and Voice Over which gives a feeling of classroom teaching. It will keep the students engaged for hours. Chemistry covered in this DVD is structured, concise and validated. The content for the entire syllabus supported by diagrams and tables will help the students understand the topics easily. The animations are helpful in understanding the subject well. The lively explanations make even the toughest definitions look easier and much simpler. It will make the students face the mixing of Chemistry confidently.
Atomic Structure
Atomic Hypothesis, Constituents of the Atom
Quantum & Oxidation Numbers, Shape of Orbitals
Electronic Configuration of Atoms of Elements
Electronic Concept of Oxidation and reduction
Atomic, Molecular and Equivalent Masses
Avogadro's Hypothesis, Mole concept, Molar Volume
Vapor Density & Relative Molecular Mass of Gas
Equivalent Mass, Volumetric Analysis
Determination of Equivalent mass of an Element
Equivalent Mass of Compounds
Laws of Chemical Combinations
Law of Conservation of Mass
Law of Definite & Multiple & Reciprocal Proportions
Gay Lussac’s of Combining Volumes
Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium
Classification & Rate (Velocity) of the Reaction
Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
Reversible Reactions and Irreversible Reactions
Chemical Equilibrium
Introduction, Physical Properties of Metals
Chemical Properties of Metals, Minerals and Ores
Occurrence, Physical Properties of Aluminium
Uses of Aluminium, Occurrence
Non- Metals
Introduction, Physical properties, Silicon
Chemical Properties, Phosphorous, Sulphur
Introduction, Manufacture of Ethanol
Physical Properties
Introduction, Preparation of Ethers
Carbonyl Compounds
Aliphatic aldehydes and ketones
Nomenclature of Aldehydes
Carboxylic ACIDS (Aliphatic)
Physical Properties
Chemistry and Environment
Definition of Terms, Classification of Pollutants
Types of Pollution, Conservation of Energy
Conservation and Protection of Environment