10th biology


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Pebbles presents “10th Std Biology” for the studious young students. It contains interactive CBTs on Biology. The topics are elaborately explained with the help of Images, Animations mand Voice Over which gives a feeling of classroom teaching. It will keep the students engaged for hours. Biology covered in this DVD is structured, concise and validated. The content for the entire syllabus supported by diagrams and tables will help the students understand the topics easily. The animations are helpful in understanding the subject well.
The lively explanations make even the toughest definitions look easier and much simpler.
It will make the students face the mixing of Biology confidently.
Levels of Organisation
Bacteria, Fungi, Antibiotics
Plant Physiology
Absorption of water and minerals, Photosynthesis
Transpiration, Respiration, Growth & Plant Hormones
Cell Biology
Chromosomes and Genes, Types of Chromosomes
Gene & Genome, Structure of DNA & RNA, Mutation
DNA - Replication, Genetic code and Its Significance
Genetic Engineering, Bio - Technology & Cloning
Reproduction in Plant
Fruit, Seed, Dispersal of Fruit and Seeds
Germination types of Germination
Economic Biology
Medicinal Plant, Types of Indian Medicine
Our Environment
Fresh Water Crisis and Management, Pollution
Conservation of Water, Rain Water Harvesting
Industrial Effluents and Treatment, Air Pollution
Control of Air Pollution, Noise Pollution
Applied Biology
Green Revolution, Plant Breeding, Eco-Friendly Agri.
Levels of Organisation
Multicellular - Vertebrate - Frog
External Morphology
Digestive & Respiratory system of Frog
Nervous system & Sense organs of Frog
Urino Genital & Circulatory system of Frog
Human Physiology
Digestive & Respiratory & Circulatory system
Related Diseases, Endocrine system
Animal Reproduction
Asexual and sexual Reproduction, Fertilisation
Reproduction & in Human, Gametogenesis
Embryology - Egg types
Cleavage and Gastrulation
Our Environment
Wild life conservation, wild life management
Applied Embryology
Tissue Culture, Cloned Animals, Stem Cells
Diseases and Immunology
Non communicable diseases, Addiction, alcoholism
Deaddiction - Rehabilitation
Applied Biology
Aquaculture, vermiculture, Biomedical Instru. ECG