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Digital Content CDs

Computer based learning and teaching is a critical part of ICT for School. Towards this ETH is preparing a series of CDs, not only for teaching the progressive learning of Information Technology as the student progresses through different classes, but also for teaching as well as for self-learning various useful subject at all levels.


The highlights of these CDs are as follows:

  • Content is written and explained in simple language by experienced teachers

  • Effective use of images, video clips, diagrams and animations wherever required

  • Exhaustive practice material including all types of questions

  • Extremely easy to navigate and use

ETH is working with several educational content creators and content providers to offer a spectrum of CDs starting from pre-school education and going through primary, secondary and higher secondary education, in multiple languages covering Marathi, Hindi, English and other languages of different states. The CDs are being prepared for Maharashtra State Board and CBSE syllabuses. There is also a plan to make available CDs for international school education. CDs are also being prepared to impart cultural as well as value based education for children to imbibe ethics and values.

This content will comply with the SCORM standard, so that teachers can modify the CD content to suit their individual requirement and local context. One of the highlights of these CDs is the examination module for both self-assessment as well as for preparing for formal exams.

The CDs will be made available through the ‘ICT for School’ program, ETH network centers and through retail distribution.