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    sundaram e class 10th Standard semi english medium Pen Drive with e-box TO RUN ON TV

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    For getting on to a career path of your choice, step one is the high aggregate marks at the Std. X standard English medium  maharastra state Board exams to ensure admission to the right college. Tenth standard syllabus has changed for the existing year 2011 -2012.

    • The Math and science subjects have been changed and upgraded by the Maharashtra state board.
    • We cover all the NEW content of both the subjects.
    • Our pen drive (e-class) covers entire new syllabus up to date and helps in understanding and learning the new chapters easily and even helps in scoring more marks.
    • Tenth standard being the most crucial year of the whole school life requires added information and help in studying, and WE HELP PROVIDING THAT.
    • With the help of just 1 pen drive score more marks in your board exams.
    • The mind map option helps in doing a last minute summary revision of the entire chapter


    subject cover in the sundaram 



    10th Standard SEMI ENGLISHmedium PEN DRIVE











    10th Standard SEMI ENGLISH medium demo


    Benefits of e-class

    e-class requires only a projector, pc (computer), laptop or a T.V. with a USB port to work, so that it is available to students in rural areas as well as top notch schools in metro cities.

    How To Use eClassHow to use eClass,

     e-class has innovative features like world-class animations, demos of science lab experiments, learning techniques like mind maps and important questions after every chapter.

    e-class helps students to understand what they learn and not just memorize them for the exams. Students are taught each subject, chapter by chapter, by a real teacher in virtual classroom, something their minds can relate to.

    Students can also purchase an e-class for themselves to revise at home. The content is exactly as per text books of Maharashtra State Board (S.S.C) form Std. 1st to Std. 10th, in English medium, Marathi medium and Semi English medium, putting no burden on students.

    e-class helps students write their paper confidently, thus giving them more marks in their exams. It is a perfect educational solution for schools, coaching classes, teachers, parents and students.

    • Anyone can use without assistance. No additional skills required for operations
    • Our course is exactly as per the Maharashtra SSC Board curriculum; Nothing More-Nothing Less.
    • There will be one teaching method and all students will understand at equal level. So we are trying to bridge the gap between Urban and Rural education.
    • Benefits of e-classE-class increases success rate in class examinations and most importantly in SSC Board examinations.
    • Stronger Institutional Image in the society.
    • Bridging the digital divide among the students and building better bonds between teachers and the students.
    • A next generation teaching aid with a plethora of references.
    • Customized to complement live classroom teaching.
    • Comprehensive lesson plan as per Maharashtra State Board Syllabus (SSC).
    • An engaging format for better student learning and hassle free teaching environment.
    • Chapter wise detailed study, syllabus oriented & easy to explain.
    • Aimed at increasing marks of students.
    • Exciting audio-videos which help the students to remember the chapters better as compared to just by-hearing it from books.

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