12th physics chemistry numerical problems

12th Physics Chemistry Numerical problems

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Pebbles presents “12th Physics & Chemistry Numerical Problems”, a CD complete with comprehensive coverage of all the Numerical problems covered in Physics and Chemistry as per the syllabus. There are more than 1000 Numerical Type Questions with solutions which is the prime feature of the Board Exam Pattern . Numerical Type Questions develops logical reasoning, abstract thinking and imagination .It develops the power to formulate and the capacity to see interrelations among concepts and their applications. It facilitates rigorous and rightful preparation for the students towards the Board Exams and to achieve their best.                                                                                                                     

Topics Covered

·        Effects of Electric Current

·        Electromagnetic Induction

·        Alternating Current

·        Electromagnetic Waves & Wave Optics

·        Atomic Physics

·        Dual Nature of Radiation of Matter & Relativity


·        Nuclear Physics

·        Semi-conductor Devices

·        Communication Systems

·        Inorganic Chemistry

·        Organic Chemistry

·        Physical Chemistry