12 botany reference & guide

12 Botany Reference & Guide

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12 Botany Reference & Guide

1000 Objective Questions with scoring with time limit
Short Answers with voiceover to link to the Answer
150 animations with concepts in Essay Questions
Previous years exam question papers
                            Pebbles presents 12 Botany Reference & Guide for students of standard XII.
It is an invaluable reference tool considering the scope and contents of the text book.The goal of this CD is to boost confidence and spark curiosty in students appearning for the +2 Board Exams and engage them in every possible way.

The questions answered are extremely lucid and the animations with well drawn figures help the students to visualize the topics.The objective question session gives a scaled score on line that evaluates the performance and helps understand what we have missed.It is a test to judge the content knowledge within the stipulated time.


Each lesson is categorized into 3 sessions


Objective Questions(test)-Extensive drill of frequently repeated questions.

Short Answers,Important Definitions,Abbreviations,Concepts etc.

Essay Questions-Dazzling animations and visuals integrated with the text.


Topics Covered


  • Taxonomy of Angiosperms
  • Plant Anatomy
  • Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Bio technology
  • Plant physiology
  • Biology in Human Welfare


The CD ROM has been designed tested and reviewed by teachers,educational advisers and subject experts to meet the specific needs of aspiring students.


The CD is compatable with PC CD ROM.