12th physics dvd

12th Physics

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Pebbles presents “12th physics” for the studious young Students. It contains interactive CBTs on Physics. The topics are elaborately explained with the help of Images, Animations and Voice Over which gives a feeling of classroom teaching. It will keep the students engaged for hours. Physics covered in this CD is structured, concise and validated. The content for the entire syllabus supported by diagrams and tables will help the students understand the topics easily. The animations are helpful in understanding the subject well. The lively explanations make even the toughest definitions look easier and much simpler. It will make the students face the complexities of Physics confidently.

Coulomb’ law, Electric field, line of force Electric dipole-axial line, equatorial line Energy Stored in a Capacitor Lightning Conductor, Generator
Current Electricity:
Drift Velocity, Ohms law Electrical resistivity and conductivity Resister in Series & parallel Kirchoff law, Wheatstone’s bridge

Effects of Electric Current
Heating effect, Magnetic effect of current Biot - Savart, Ampere’s circuital law Magnetic lorentz forzzzce, magnetic dipole

Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current
Electromagnetic Induction & Self Induction Methods of producing induced emf AC Generator Single Phase - Three phase Eddy Currents,Transformer & Alternating Current

Electromagnetic Wavesand Wave Optics
Electromagnetic waves & Spectrum, Polarisationz Types of spectra,Theories & Scattering of Light Ware Front, Superposition Principle, Diffraction

Atomic physics
Properties of Cathode rays Atom Models, X-rays,Laser 

Radiationand Matter & Relativity
Photoelectric Effect, cells, application Matter Waves, Electron Microscope Relativity,Einstein’s mass-energy 

Nuclear Physics 
Nucleus,Bainbridge, Nuclear Force Radioactivity, Neutron, radioactivity Geiger,Cosmic rays, fission & fusion 

Semiconductor devices
PN Junction , Zener diode & LED Transistor, Amplifier & biasing Oscillators, IC, Digital electronics,OP 

Communication Systems
Electromagnetic waves, Modulation Antennas,Radio transmission,TV Radar,Analog & digital communication