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12th ComputerScience

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Pebbles presents “12th Computer Science-Star Office & C++”, for the studious young students. The Subject covered in this DVD is structured, concise and validated. The content for the entire syllabus supported by video will help the students understand the topics easily. It will make the students face the rigours of Computer Science confidently. 

C++ Programmimg

Introduction to C++
Features of C++, Character Set Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers, Variables, Constants, Unary, Data types, Assignment & Logical Punctuators, Derived types & Storage class 

Functions, arguments, Parameter Passing Returning Values, Scope rules of Variables 

Classes and Objects
Data abstraction, Members, Creating Objects Accessing Class member & Function Static member functions, Array of objects 

Basic Concept, Advanced, Benefit of OOPS 

Constructors and Destructors
Constructors, Overloading, Copy, Destructors

What, Why, Base & derived class Rules, Visibility mode, Types of Inheritance 

Basic Programming Structures
CPP, Tools Compile, Execution & Writing 

Statements of C++ 
IO & Declaration & Assignment Statements 

Control Structures
Decision, FOR Loop, IF ELSE & Switch DO WHILE & Looping & Continue Statements 

Function & Operator Overloading 

Star Office 
An Introduction to Star Office Writer Entering Text, Saving, Closing the Document Moving around, Open & Scroll the Document 

Editing the Document
Correcting Mistakes, Finding & Replacing Text Selecting, Inserting, Moving & Copying the Text

Text Formatting
Paragraph Alignment , Indenting Text, Modifying Line Spacing, Formatting Styles Creating Bullets and Numbered List 

Correcting Spelling Mistakes 
Checking Spelling while document Typing Auto Correct Option, Creating Autocorrect Entry 

Working with Tables
Entering Data Table, Table Formatting Toolbar Adding or Deleting Rows & Columns

Inserting Images
Inserting a clip-art image & symbols Inserting objects, Drawing in a sheet. 

Page Formatting 
Changing the Margin, Page Orientation Creating A Header And Footer 

Introduction to spreadsheet Working with Star Office Calc Editing the Data in the worksheet 

Basic, Printing the Presentation, Managing & Designing Customizing a Presentation