12th chemistry dvd

12th Chemistry

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Pebbles presents “12th Chemistry” for the studious young students. The topics are elaborately explained with the help of Images, Animations and Voice Over which gives a feeling of classroom teaching. It will keep the students engaged for hours. Chemistry covered in this CD is structured, concise and validated. The content for the entire syllabus supported by diagrams and tables will help the students understand the topics easily. The animations are helpful in understanding the subject well. It will make the students face the mixing of Chemistry confidently.
Atomic Structure
Dual Properties,Heisenderg’s, Hybridization
Eigen Value & function, Homo&hetro diatomic
Periodic classification
atomic Radii, Ionisation potential, EA
P - Block Elements
Group - 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 General Trends,
Preparation& Properties& chemical properties
d-Block Elements
General characteristics, 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Occurrence&Principle of extraction
‘F- Block elements
General characteristics, Lanthanidies & actinides
Coordination & bio-Coordination compounds
IUPAC,Isomerism,Valence bond theory, Hemoglobin
Nuclear chemistry
Nuclear energy, Fission & fusion, radioactive isotopes
Solid State
I &II law,Spontaneous& non Spontaneous
Gibb’s free energy, Chemical equilibrium IIIrd law.
Chemical equilibrium
Law of mass action - le chatlier’s principle
Chemical Kinetics
Ist order rection & pseudo, Determination & method
Suface chemistry
Electrochemistry - I
Conductors, insulators, semi - conductors
Faraday’s law,conductance,Kohlraush’s law
Electrochemistry -II
cells, electrodes,EMF,Chemical fuel cells
Isomerism in organic chemistry
Isomerism, cyclic componds, D-L & R-S, benzene
Hydroxy derivatives
Alcohols, preperation, uses, di & tri hydric, Phenols,
Preparation, properties,uses, aromatic,anisole
Carbonyl compounds
Nomenclature,aldehydes & ketones,preparation, uses
Carboxylic acids
Aliphatic monocarboxlic, lactic,aromatic, benzoic,
salicylic,acetyl chloride, acetamide, esters.
Organic nitrogen compounds
Aliphatic ,aromatic, amines ,benzylamine, diazonium
Carbohydrates, dissaccharides & polysaccharides
Chemistry in action
Drug, dyes,Rocket fuels, polymers,preservatives