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    12th zoology

    12th Zoology

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    12 th Bioloy-Zoology

          Better Understanding....Better Score...!!!
          Definitions of Zoological terms
          150 animations with Voice over Narration
          500 Frequently asked questions with Answers

                    Pebbles presents Zoology for Std XII a well designed powerful interactive learning aid to accelerate the understanding of the concepts and gain maximum marks in the +2 Board Exams.The lessons are illustrared with animations,videos and voice-over narration to give an in-depth understanding of each and every topic.From Human physiology to environmental Sciences,students are guided through animated illustrations and voice-overs.


    Topics Covered


    Session 1:Human Physiology,Digestive System,Muscular System,Respiratory System,Circulatory System,Reproductive System,Excretory System.


    Session 2:Microbiology,History,Virology,Bacteriology,Chemotherapy


    Session 3: Immunology,organs of immune System,immunity types,Lymphodial Organs,MALT and GALT,Immune System disorders


    Session 4:Modern Genetics,Recombinant DNA,Genetic Diseases,Cloning,Gene Therapy,Bio-Informatics.


    Session 5: Environmental Science,Demography,Population Explosion,Green House Effect,Ozone Whole,Energy Souses,Fresh water Resouses.


    Session 6: Applied Biology,Dairy,Common Diseases and control,farming Methds,medical lab techniques,ECG,Artificial pacemaker


    Session 7: Theories of Evolution,Lamarckism,Darwinnism,Theory of natural,Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium,Natural Selection,Isolating Mechanisms.


             The CD is compatiable with PC CD ROM.

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