12th botany

12th Botany

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12 th Botany


An overview of all the Topics

Definitions of Botanical Terms
+2 State Board Syllabus of Biology
150 animations with Voice-over Narration
500 Frequently Asked Questions with Answers


         Pebbles presents Botany for Std XII a well designed powerful interactive multimedia instrument to give you enough confidence to gain success in the +2 Board Exams and go beyond a basic understanding of the World of Botany .Through video clips,illustrated animations,visuals,verbal and written avenues,each topic in this exciting series of sessions emphasizes exploration of core topics.From plant anatomy to Genetic Engineering,students will be enthralled by these wonderful life science presentations.


Topics Covered


Session 1: Types of Classification,Herbaria and their uses,Structure of a flower,Bentham and Hooker’s Classification,Monocot and Dicot families


Session 2:Structure of a typical root,Types of a root Systems,Modification of roots,types of tissue Systems,Difference between a monocot and a dicot plant


Session 3: Structure of Chromosomes,ene and Genome,Linkage and Crossing over,Mutation,Difference DNA and RNA


Session 4: Recombinant DNA technology,Transgenic plants,Plant Tissue culture ,protoplasmic fusion


Session 5:Photosynthesis,Photophosphorylation,C3 and C4 pathways,Experiments on Photosynthesis,Resoiration,Plant Growth & Regulators.


Session 6: Breeding Experiments,Genetic Engineering,Crop Diseases and their control,Bio-war,Bio-piracy,Economic Importance of plants

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