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12th CBSE Physics Ref & Guide

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Pebbles presents “CBSE 12th Std Physics Reference & Guide ”, this CD has an extensive array of multimedia resources that enriches its hallmark quality. Main features are illustrated out clearly, summarized, and reinforced by visuals. This learning package facilitates accurate problem solving techniques, a thorough learning of assorted questions and answers of recurring and prime importance categorically . Intrinsic topics are well covered and illustrated with clear-cut diagrams wherever necessary for better understanding of the concepts. The numeric problem session reinforces the essential mathematical concepts of physics with descriptive illustrations and step-by-step calculation procedures. The ability to understand and solve problems is a key element for success in the final exams. Each lesson is categorized into 4 sessions: Short Answers, Very Short Answers, Long answers Numerical Problems The CD-Rom has been designed, tested and reviewed by practicing teachers, educational advisers and subject experts to meet the specific needs of aspiring students .
Topics Covered :

Electric Charges and Fields 
Current Electricity 
Magnetic Effects and Magnetism 
Electromagnetic Induction & A.C. 
Electromagnetic Waves 
Dual nature of matter 
Atoms and Nuclei 
Electronic Devices
Communication System