BIOTECHNOLOGY - 12th Class - Genius Plus Series - 3 CD

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Genius Plus Series


A Must for Every Class 12th Student

3 CD Set

1            Animated Text Book

2            Animated Practical

3            Examinations Section


--          Ten Year Papers

--          Guess Papers

--          NCERT Q & A

--          Model Test Papers

--            Important Q & A


Includes Virtual Class and Theorem


A Must for Every Class 12th Student




1          Protein structure & engineering

2            Recombinant DNA Technology

3            Genomic and Bioinformation

4            Microbial cell culture and its application

5          Plants cell culture and its application

6          Animal cell culture and its application



1          To identify the N – Terminal amino acid of a protein using the Danxyl Chloride method

2          To isolate an anzyme Isozyme from chicken egg white. Using cation-exchange chromatogra

3          To analyse the protein sample by the technique of gel electrophoresis under denaturing conditions (SDS-Page)

4          To isolate plasmid DNA from the bacteria – E, Coil

5          To digest bacteriophage lambda DBA with a restriction enzyme

6          To prepare E. Coil competent cells and transform these cells with a given plasmid

7          To understand the technique of DNA sequencing and arrive at the DNA sequence by reading and auto radiogram obtained from a sequencing and gel.

8            Preparation of protoplasts from tissue and demonstration of somatic fusion

9          Tests of pregnancy by quabtitative detection of the human chrrionic gonadotropin in urine using immunological methods.

(A)        Latex particle agglutiation inhibition test

(B)            Chromatograpic Immunoassay Method




CD 1 Text Book

·         Complete Enhance Text Book (Theory)

·         100% voice over of Text

·         Text supported Animations, Photos, Examples

·         Tips, Hypertext, Reference sites and books

·         Calculators

·         Practice Q & A*, Model Test Papers

·         Activities Section – Drag & Drop, True Falls, Fill in the blanks


CD 2 Practicals / Theorem

·         Explained Aim, Material, Procedure, Precaution, Observation, viva, result

·         100% virtual animated international quality laboratory practical / theorem

·         To prove, given, statement, proof & Important Formulas.

·         Full supportive text on each steps of practical


Section III – Examinations

Thousands of Q & A*

Multiple user features

Check your right and wrong answer and score

Random Questionnaire


* MCQ, Short, Very Short, Long Q & A.