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E serirs  is a company focused on creating a revolutionary solution to educate and train masses without compromising the quality and the time tested instructor-led teaching techniques. Our goal is to democratize education in India: to truly empower every aspiring student and professional to be able to succeed in their educational and career  and enables them to reach and educate all those who desire to learn and succeed.

The technology used to make this vision a reality is based on a simple philosophy of moving the time-tested instructor-led class-room learning to the powerful and highly scalable digital medium such as the Internet, CD/DVDs and locally over LANs (local area networks). The user learning experience is literally one that is better than that of being in the renowned instructor’s class-room and receiving step by step whiteboard explanations with an added flexibility of quickly focusing on areas of weakness as well as reinforcing strong areas, solving problems, taking tests, playing back the lectures from any point in the lecture and listening to the lectures as many times as needed to understand and master the material.

Ideally, the solution lends itself as an anytime and anywhere learning platform.


e seris class 12th chemistery  for cbse cantain


1. The Solid State

2. Solutions

3. Electrochemistry

4. Chemical Kinetics

5. Surface Chemistry

6. General Principles and processes of Isolation of Elements

7. The p-Block Elements

8. The d-and f-Block Elements

9. Coordination Compounds

10. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

11. Alcohols Phenols and Ethers

12. Aldehydes Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

13. Amines

14. Biomolecules

15. Polymers

16. Chemistry in Everyday life