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All India Medical Entrance

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All India Medical Entrance Examination Guide   

 Pebbles presents "All India Medical Entrance Examination Guide" which is an ultimate helping tool for aspirants preparing  for All India Medical Entrance Examinations.

      It consists of a Question  Bank  with more than 10,000 Questions and Answers prepared by a team of professionals, well experienced in coaching for entrance exams.  

      Biology: Nature And Scope of Biology, Being Alive What Does It Mean? Life, Its Origin, Maintenance And Evolution, The Cells As A Unit Of Life, Five Kingdoms, Small Molecule Of The Cell, Cellular macromolecules, Enzymes, Plant Kingdom, Cell Membranes, Structural Organization Of The Cell, Biosphere, Wild life, Plant tissues, Environmental Pollution, Photosynthesis, Reproduction of plants, Nervous System, Endocrine, Reproduction, Embryonic, Heredity, Genetic material

      Botany: Angiosperms, Bryophyte, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperms, Cell Biology, Ecology, Continuity of Life, Economic Botany, Angiosperms, Plant Physiology.

      Zoology: Generics, Taxonomy, Frog, Histology And Pathology, Vertebrate & Invertebrate, Zoology, Cytology, Embryology, Oesteology, Evolution, Ecology & Environment

  • Topic wise Questions and Answers & Multiple Test modes

  • In-built timer and scoring for each practice session for each practice session to improve speed

  • Number of practice sessions for each topic

  • Self Assessment at the end of each Topic to monitor performance .

      The CD is Compatiable PC CD ROM.