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All India Engineering Entrance

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All India Engineering Entrance
Pebbles presents "All India Engineering Entrance Guide"(Physics and Chemistry) Which is an ultimate helping tool for aspirants preparing to A.I.E.E.E. It consists of the Question Bank with more than 10,000 Questions & Answers prepared by a team of professionals,well experienced in coaching for Entrance Exams.
Physics: Measurement, Motion, Work, Power & Energy, Gravitation, Solids & Fluids, Oscillations, waves, Heat & Thermodynamics, Transmission of Heat, Electro statics, Thermal Physics, Current Electricity & Magnetic effect of Electric Current, Electromagnetic Induction, Ray & Wave optics, Atom & Molecules, Solid & Semi conductors devices, Electron & Photons.

Chemistry: States of Matter, Atomic Structure, Solutions, Thermodynamics & Energetic, Chemical Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Chemical Bond, Molecular structure, Non metals, Lighter & Heavy metals, Nuclear and radio chemistry, Organic compounds, Hydrocarbons, Synthetic & Natural polymers, Bio molecules & Biological processes, Environmental chemistry.

  • Topic wise Questions and Answers & Multiple Test modes
  • In-built timer and scoring for each practice session to improve speed.
  • Number of practice sessions for each topic.
  • Self Assessment at the end of each Topic to monitor performance .

The CD is Compatiable with PC CD ROM.