bbc learning english - pronunciation tips

BBC: Learning English - Pronunciation Tips

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You need to get rid of "Ryazan" pronunciation? Just started learning the language and want to understand how to properly hear and pronounce English sounds?
Then this stuff for you!

These are native speakers , professionals with BBC ©, tell and show you how to do it correctly.

Materials taken from the site "BBC Learning English" © .

Learning English with the BBC. Tips on pronunciation. English sounds.

For convenience, collected all the videos of this section in the form in which they appear on the site, namely the individual files (MP4, and PDF).

Sample Source MP4
A sample of the original PDF

For those who are comfortable all at once , added:
all videos clamping without loss of quality in a single file ( Pronunciation.avi ),
and a single PDF-file ( Pronunciation.pdf ) where eaten all the 44 selected.