let's learn japanese - complete basic 1

Let's Learn Japanese - Complete Basic 1

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Let's Learn Japanese is a video-based Japanese language study course for English speakers produced by The Japan Foundation.

The two seasons (Series I and Series II) were originally aired on television at a rate of one episode per day, with each episode consisting of two lessons. Text books which complement the series were also available; these contained vocabulary lists, explanations of grammar, transcriptions of scenes from within the program, and cultural information about Japan. By now, the first book is out of print but the second book is still available from some sources. Both seasons used a drama called Yan and the Japanese People for instruction. This drama consisted of scenes which focus on the experiences of a young man named Yan (played by Nick Muhrin), a foreigner living and working in Japan.

Series one of "Let's Learn Japanese" was made in 1984 and 1985. It was presented by Mary Althaus and featured a number of skits, featuring Mine-san (Yusuke Mine), Sugihara-san (Miki Sugihara), and Kaihô-san (Hiroyuki Kaihô), which were designed to help the viewer memorize, and practice the use of, new words and grammatical structures. The series also followed the story of Yan's new life in Japan working as an architect.

Presented by Mary Althaus.


1. I'm Yan.
2. What's that?
3. There's a cat.
4. Where is it?
5. Please give me some stamps.
6. Please turn left at the next corner.
7. May I look at this?
8. May I write with a pencil?
9. She gets up at 6 o'clock every morning.
10. He doesn't drink milk.
11. I went to Nikkō.
12. When did you go?
13. They're watching a baseball game.
14. He's drinking beer while watching TV.
15. It's hot every day.
16. Is it hot enough?
17. I want to drink some cold beer.
18. Do you dislike fish?
19. Mt Fuji will come into view before long.
20. It looks good.
21. I can't speak English.
22. Is it possible to see the model room?
23. Why aren't cars passing?
24. We're a little late so let's hurry
25. What's in the briefcase?
26. Do you remember