get ahead and ace your exams (dvdrip)

Get Ahead and Ace Your Exams (DVDRIP)

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Do you want to:
*Learn a short cut to straight 'A's?
*Reduce time spent on studying?
*Do better in your exams?
*Study more effectively?
*Use your brain better?
*Remember your own notes?
*Have easier recall of all your studies?
*Have confidence in your learning abilities?
*Have an efficient method to organize your work?
A simple, easy to follow guide. A cool, informative, fun-to-watch DVD presented by Lana Israel when she was a 16 year old student at North Miami Beach Senior High School. Lana now teaches her skills to others around the World.

Based on the revolutionary learning concepts developed by Tony Buzan, Lana demonstrates step-by-step how to Mind Map, how Mind Mapping works, and how to apply it to all your studies, revision, and exam taking.