jay abraham - abraham factor seminar [19 dvds + 32 cds + 28 pdfs]

Jay Abraham - Abraham Factor Seminar [19 DVDs + 32 CDs + 28 PDFs]

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What I am about to say will probably shock you. You may not like hearing it. But you’ll have to admit that it’s absolutely true. Recognize, also, that it significantly impacts all of your future prospects for business growth and long-term prosperity. Here goes…

There are three types of entrepreneurs in the business world:
1. The people who are constantly making things happen
2. The ones who watch things happen…and
3. The people things keep happening to

No matter which of the three groups you may currently fall into, one thing is certain: You want your business to do more, have more, reach farther and achieve a lot more financial and business success. The problem is—at all three places on the entrepreneurial “continuum”— most people don’t know how to move up to the higher (let alone the HIGHEST) levels. That’s where I can help.