Rich Schefren - Business Growth System 2.0

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module 1:
The Big Secrets to Being a Real Entrepreneur that Almost Everyone Misses.In this Profit Module you will learn what it really takes to be an entrepreneur that is successful in business. Most people think that business is just common sense. It actually takes uncommon sense to win at business.
There's a lot we'll be covering in this first Profit Module, including:
Developing entrepreneurial traits to ensure your success Creating something from nothing that is exciting and different Gaining total clarity on your business objectives
module 2:
Isolating, Developing and Profiting From Your Money-Making Strengths
In this Profit Module you will define and develop your strengths to build a profitable business and make your competitors a non-issue. You will see how providing unique value that draws on your strengths and talents is essential.
We'll also be covering:
* Isolating your strengths so you can develop key areas of your business
* Leveraging your strengths to create competitive advantage
* Developing your company's unique capabilities
module 3:
Marking Your Turf, Total Clarity with Your Big objective, Generating Immediate Momentum
In this Profit Module you will learn how to stay focused, make important decisions and connect with your target market. In the ongoing battles for market share, customers are struggling to know who to trust. Through division of markets they have so many choices, they find it difficult to actually make a decision. As your market expands, your company will have to become more specialized.
We'll also be covering:
* Focusing on a smaller part of the larger market, then becoming the specialized expert
* Discovering your passions
* Defining your company vision and mission
* Contributing to the greater good... your company's purpose
module 11:
Making It All Seamless: Your Well-Oiled Machine
There are certain characteristics that you must cultivate to achieve success. When you internalize these traits your journey will be a lot smoother. If you are continually improving yourself you will continually improve your business.
Some important goals:
-Cultivate the ability to act with uncertainty. -Understand that success is a process. Avoid the emotional roller coaster of success and failure. -Honestly assess how much of your time is productive.