journey through a 3000 seat vmware view (vdi) deployment ensuring business continuance during snowmageddon 2010
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Are you interested in learning about the architecture and deployment best practices and lessons learned from a 3,000 seat VMware View (VDI) solution for a Federal government agency that helped save millions during the Washington DC Snowmageddon 2010?
Do you think that you have factored in all the business and technical requirements? In February of 2010, the Mid-Atlantic States were pounded with a major winter storm leaving many areas buried under 3 feet of snow. Officials at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) have estimated the government lost over $71.1 million for each day, totaling over $320 million. Originally, Congress had passed several laws mandating federal agencies to implement telework policies in order to reduce traffic congestion. It was soon realized this increased employees’ job satisfaction and retention by increasing the quality of life and reduced government spending on real-estate power consumption. Because of this, 30% of federal workers in the DC area teleworked during the snowstorm and saved the government from losing an additional $130 million. The Federal Telework mandate has resulted in some notable implementation and operational successes which were a result of implementing advanced desktop virtualization solutions. This session will walk you through the different generations of a 3,000 seat VDI deployment that helped save the Federal Government millions during the Snowmageddon 2010. We will discuss the lessons learned in each generation that helped make the solution more efficient, scalable and cost effective. We will also provide guidelines on the planned future technology enhancements and business justifications.
Ahbinav Joshi, Reference Architect, Virtualization and Cloud, NetApp
Robert De May, Principle Analyst, Project Performance Corporation.