Adam Short - Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 - Level 2 - Profit Boost

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Niche Profit Classroom: The Classroom is the centerpiece here at NPC. It's where our core training course is located, which teaches our niche marketing methodology from start to finish. Software, resources, and other features at NPC can certainly be used independently and in a variety of ways, but they can also be tied in closely with the Classroom training, as you'll see when you start the course.

Below, you'll find access both levels of the classroom, which reveal a blueprint for building a portfolio of profitable, automated websites. Level 1 focuses on generating income as an affiliate. Level 2 explains how to increase your profits by advancing beyond affiliate marketing into the realm of creating and selling your own products.
Each lesson comes with its own unique set of videos and downloadable resources to help you build your first profit-producing websites quickly.

Niche Profit Classroom Levels

Level 1 - Core Training

In this section, you'll learn our formula for creating simple affiliate-based websites (that Google loves) that will generate traffic and income quickly, and will continue to do so automatically over the long-term. Following the short, step-by-step modules in this section, you should have your first website up within just a few days.

Level 2 - Profit Boost

You may find that you want to increase the profits that your Level 1 sites are generating. If so, you'll definitely want to check out Level 2, where we show you how to transform your affiliate-based website into a vendor-based website. As a creator and vendor of information products, you'll keep more of the profits from your website.

This is an extension to NPC - Level 1 - Core Training at, not a duplicate.

Here is the complete Niche Profit Classroom - Level 2 - Profit Boost – training and all of the resources. I hope you find everything you need. Please let me know if you find anything missing.

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The complete class ripped to MP4s

1. Overview
a. Welcome to Level 2
b. What will I Learn in Level 2
c. Should I Move to Level 2
d. The Two Approaches
e. Level 2 Chosen Approach

2. Product Creation
a. Introduction to Product Creation
b. Market Growth
c. Anatomy of a Good eBook
d. Anatomy of a Good Audiobook
e. Express eBook Creation-Overview
f. Express eBook Creation-Step 1
g. Express eBook Creation-Step 2
h. Express eBook Creation-Step 3
i. Express Audiobook Creation-Overview
j. Express Audiobook Creation-DIY
k. Express Audiobook Creation-Outsource
l. Interview Method-Overview
m. Interview Method-Step 1
n. Interview Method-Step 2
o. Interview Method-Step 3
p. Interview Method-Step 4
q. Interview Method-Step 5
r. Interview Method-Step 6
s. Outsourcing Product Creation
t. Finding Great Contractors
u. Screening Great Contractors
v. Hiring Great Contractors
w. Product Creation-Resources
i. Cichlid
ii. Cichlid
iii. Research Doc

3. Sales Tools
a. Sales Tools Introduction
b. Sales Letter-Introduction
c. Sales Letter-FAQs
d. Online Selling Made Simple
e. Sales Letter Creator
f. Order Page
g. Download Page-Introduction
h. Download Page-Creator
i. Mini Course Updates Overview
j. Newsletter Creator
k. Sales Tools-Resources
i. Cichlid Sales
ii. Cichlid eBook Download
iii. Cichlid Audio Download
iv. Cichlid Package Download
v. Cichlid Selling Emails Vendor

4. Website Construction
a. Website Construction-Introduction
b. Sales Letter and Order Page Upload
c. Download Pages and Products Uploads-Part 1
d. Download Pages and Products Uploads-Part 2
e. Clickbank Approval and Integration
f. Sidebar Modification
g. Mini Course Modification

5. Affiliate Program
a. Affiliate Introduction
b. Benefits of an Affiliate Program
c. How Much Should I Pay
d. What Pages Do I Need
e. Creating Affiliate Graphics and Resources
f. Affiliate Building the Pages

6. Profit Boost
a. Profit Boost Introduction
b. Bonus Introduction
c. Creating Your Bonus
d. Uploading Your Bonus
e. Integrating Your Bonuses into Your Marketing
f. 5 Day Cash Trapper Webinar
g. Introduction to Testimonials
h. Testimonial Cruncher-Introduction
i. Testimonial Cruncher-Real World Example
j. Integrating Your New Testimonials into Your Marketing
k. Introduction to Extending Your Autoresponder
l. Extending Your Autoresponder-Step 1
m. Extending Your Autoresponder-Step 1a
n. Extending Your Autoresponder-Step 1b
o. Extending Your Autoresponder-Step 2
p. Extending Your Autoresponder-Step 3
q. Extending Your Autoresponder-Step 4
r. Email Marketing Master-Webinar
s. List Profit Secrets-Webinar
t. Affiliate Recruiting Secrets-Webinar
u. Building an Affiliate Army-Webinar
v. Split Testing Secrets Revealed-Webinar
w. Website Tracking Methods Revealed-Webinar
x. Link Building Blitz-Webinar-Volume 1
y. Link Building Blitz-Webinar-Volume 2
z. Link Building Blitz-Webinar-Volume 3
aa. Profit Boost-Resourses
i. Bonuses Profit
ii. Testimonial Cruncher
iii. Extending Your Autoresponder 

7. Looking Forward
a. Congratulations
b. What’s Next
c. Key Lesson I have Learned
d. Working Less Making More
e. Outsourcing Secrets Revealed.flv
f. How to replace Yourself with John Jonas
g. Hyper Productivity Secrets Revealed-Webinar.flv