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Lisa Reid- Web Wealthy Women- Online Business For Women

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Web Wealthy Women is the premiere online business where the internets' leading expert women have gathered to share their hidden secret strategies to success in their online businesses and in life, to help empower others to success as well.
This is the first 3 weeks of this course along with 6 of the expert interviews complete with transcripts of the entire interview. I have ended my membership and this is all i will get of this course but there's still tons of information here to use.
*5 hours and 49 minutes of video
*5 hours and 42 minutes of audio
The salespage used to be located here but has been replaced by the standard "soldout" optin page.
Here is another page which looks like it describes the course more closely but i cannot verify if this is the actual salespage
Module 1:
coaching video
Q&A video
Module 2:
coaching video
Q&A video
Module 3:
coaching video
Expert interviews:
Diane Corriette
Kristi Sayles
Lorraine Pirihi
Natalie Ledwell
Pat Marcello
Sandy Forster
20 things you need to know before you start internet marketing by Lisa Reid