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Local Business Money Machine

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Local Business Money Machine is an interactive online training program created by Internet marketers Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill that teaches people how to successfully make money by providing a service to local offline businesses. Through the Local Business Money Machine training program, you will learn how to optimize offline business websites so that they will see a significant increase in business. You can contract with businesses to pay you a monthly fee for your website optimization services.
With the Local Business Money Machine, Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill promise to show you how to make not only a full-time income by providing website optimization to local businesses in your community, but a lucrative full-time income. Wilke and Gill point out that you don’t need to know more than just the basics of search engine optimization to help offline businesses. Though the knowledge is easily attainable as well as easily implementable, the fact is that most business owners are busy enough taking care of other aspects of their business to want to spend time optimizing their websites. They are usually more than happy to pay someone to do it who can prove that it will directly increase their profits on a regular basis. With Local Business Money Machine, Wilke and Gill show you how to not only approach local businesses about your services but also how to prove to them that you can make them money.
With Local Business Money Machine you learn how to choose the best clients to approach about your services, how to optimize their websites in the easiest and most effective ways possible and how to keep your business running smoothly. The program includes training modules that will guide you through each step of the process and three months worth of personal coaching. There is even software included for installing and optimizing your own blog, which can be a great way to advertise your services.
Local Business Money Machine is not for everyone. Some people would rather work completely online. Though with this program you would still be doing the majority of your work online, you would have to meet face to face with clients and potential clients on a fairly regular basis. The program is not cheap either, but the information provided in it is solid and highly valuable for those people who would like to earn a full-time income this way.