remote viewing financial markets

Remote Viewing Financial Markets

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This DVD is for those experienced with Remote Viewing protocol, preferably from Major Dames' Learn RV 4-DVD Course.
The Financial Markets Application Workshop presents the step-by-step process that professional Remote Viewers utilize for predicting each financial market including, FOREX, Indices, Financials, Commodities and Stocks.

The application workshop integrates greatly detailed explanations of the different financial markets and how each is traditionally traded; including how to integrate market trend software and tools in association with examples of when investors make money versus when they loose.

In regards to the integration of Remote Viewing itself, the modern protocols used are a hybrid of Associative Remote Viewing or Hybrid-ARV that provides entirely new cues and technical analysis that force the session results to be far more accurate than traditional ARV has ever achieved in the past. These new groundbreaking Hybrid-ARV protocols have never been released to public until now and prove to be the ultimate companion for predicting market movement and provides an unfair advantage in the financial market world.

In short, the Financial Markets Application Workshop will cover:
» Detailed explanations for each financial market
» How to choose which market is right for you
» Using technical analysis software for each market
» Learning new Hybrid-ARV protocols
» How to integrate Hybrid-ARV as an effective tool
» Strategies for effectively managing investments

The Financial Markets Application Workshop provides many new groundbreaking achievements to make it easily the most comprehensive and effective ARV related training program in the world!