just the facts the industrial revolution

Just the Facts: The Industrial Revolution

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Just the Facts: The Industrial Revolution

It started in England and reached its peak in America. The Industrial Revolution is a period of history that began in the early 18th century and has carried through our modern times.

Why it started in England is a fascinating question. It is one of many this informative video addresses. It is in Central England, even more specifically; and the textile industry which gives this period its start. It was an age when society went from traditional to modern, form agrarian to mechanized, from rural to urban, from simple to complex. Charles Dickens’ summed it up: "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."

Consumers had new and better clothing, teapots, porcelain, steam engines, steel, and even horseless carriages. At the same time, however, cities became more crowded. There were sanitation problems, cruel child labor was common, and many industrial centers experienced terrible pollution like never before.

Scholars from the University of Warwick (England) and UCLA share their knowledge about The Industrial Revolution in this enlightening video – a program deserved to be a part of every student's collection of modern history.

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