iken Pro Business Wiz Vol. 1 - Financial Literacy

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  • Description
  • Learn the concepts of Cash flow, Financial budgets and Financial literacy.
  • The world of business is a mystery to many. Business Wiz is an engaging and enriching insight into the world of business. It allows one to understand the processes used in efficient business management with real life case studies. This is your own mini-MBA without having to sit in the classroom. Topics covered:
  • 1.Cash Flow
  • (Duration: 19 mins)
  • Cash flow is the lifeblood of all businesses. This film examines the fundamental issues of cash flow including the difference between cash and profit, cash versus credit, measuring and improving cash flow. The program uses the Carlisle News agency as an example of a small business that has efficiently monitored its cash flow on a daily basis.
  • 2. Financial Budgets
  • (Duration: 20 mins)
  • By examining the funky clothing and music store Euphemism, this program deals with the issues of financial budgets including why businesses have budgets, the importance of budgets, the budgeting process, the length of a budget period and planning and evaluation of budgets. With revealing insights from the owner and her staff, see how budgeting plays a critical role in the week-to-week survival of this small business.
  • 3. Financial Literacy
  • (Duration: 24 mins)
  • Many school/college students have part-time jobs and/or collect an allowance from their parents. It's vital for them to understand the concept of money and learn how to use it wisely. This fast-paced title presented by Scott Pape (The Barefoot Investor) will help students manage their money by understanding budgeting, banking system and daily transactions.
  • Useful for: Senior Secondary Students, MBA/Graduate Students and Curious Professionals.
  • Key Features : Learn the concepts of Cash flow, Financial budgets and Financial literacy
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