Iken Pro Business Wiz Vol. 2 - Financial Stability

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  • Description
  • Learn the concepts of Financial stability, Financing a business and Investing in stock markets.
  • The world of business is a mystery to many. Business Wiz is an engaging and enriching insight into the world of business. It allows one to understand the processes used in efficient business management with real life case studies. This is your own mini-MBA without having to sit in the classroom. Topics covered:
  • 1.Financial Stability
  • (Duration: 22 mins)
  • Owners and banks alike need to know that the businesses in their care can overcome any short or medium term difficulties that might arise. This program looks at the fundamental issue of financial stability including concepts such as stability, cash budgets, working capital ratio, quick asset ratio, efficiency measures and solvency by examining Cisco's; a real-life coffee and coffee machine importing business
  • 2.Financing a Business
  • (Duration: 44 mins)
  • This much-needed program gives students a good basic understanding of how businesses can obtain finance. We look at the different types of financial markets and the various instruments they use, including the stock exchange, the market for loan funds, the market for foreign exchange, and the futures market. The program contains excellent graphics, and features interviews with executives from the stock exchange (AXS), the Bendigo Bank and Were Stockbrokers.
  • 3.An Introduction to Investing in the Share Market
  • (Duration: 24 mins)
  • Every trading day hundreds of thousands of shares are bought and sold on the Australian Stock Exchange. Its a cut throat world where millions of dollars are made and lost. This program takes a comprehensive look at the basics of the share market and trading and answers questions such as why investors buy and sell shares and how share prices are determined. Strategies for investors are provided as well as information on how to read share tables in newspapers and evaluate the success of a share portfolio. An excellent introduction into this dynamic area.
  • Useful for: Senior Secondary Students, MBA/Graduate Students and Curious Professionals.
  • Key Features : Learn the concepts of Financial stability, Financing a business and Investing in stock markets
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