Iken Pro Business Wiz Vol. 3 - Profitability

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  • Description
  • Learn the concepts of Profitability, The bottom line, The money go-around and Fruit Shop economics.
  • The world of business is a mystery to many. Business Wiz is an engaging and enriching insight into the world of business. It allows one to understand the processes used in efficient business management with real life case studies. This is your own mini-MBA without having to sit in the classroom. Topics covered:
  • 1.Profitability
  • (Duration: 18 mins)
  • Even though BCoz is a popular small restaurant with a well recognized wine list, it doesn't mean that the owner doesn't have to consider the fundamental issues of profitability. In this program, see how business resources including sales revenue, gross profit ratio, net profit ratio and expense and sales ratio are used to evaluate profit. The program also looks at the return on owners investment (ROI), the return on owners assets (ROA), ratio analysis and the limitations of its use.
  • 2.The Money Go-Round
  • (Duration: 30 mins)
  • Cash moves in and out of businesses on a daily basis. Successfully managing the cash flow of a business is one of the owners and managers greatest challenges. This program explores the reasons a business needs cash and common sources of finance available for businesses to access cash. Tools and strategies for forecasting cash flow problems are provided as well as advice from real business owners on the best ways to manage cash flow. This program provides a discussion point for student to examine the decision making by small business owners.
  • 3.The Money Go-Round
  • (Duration: 26 mins)
  • Business owners rely on accounting reports to show how a business is performing. This program focuses on two of these reports, the balance sheet and profit and loss account or statement. Students will be taken through the format of each report, key components and 'real' business owners share their experiences in using each report as a tool in managing the day to day success of their business. Definitions of key terms are provided and students can use the program as a starting point for discussion regarding decision making by business owners.
  • 4.Fruit Shop Economics
  • (Duration: 30 mins)
  • Using Castlemaine Fruit Supply as a case study, this fast-paced program examines basic economic concepts in a way that students will easily understand and relate to. The concepts of Markets, Demand, Production, Supply, Competition and the Role of the Government are explored in the context of a successful family business. This program is an excellent, easy-to-comprehend introduction to the study of economics.
  • Useful for: Senior Secondary Students, MBA/Graduate Students and Curious Professionals.
  • Key Features : Learn the concepts of Profitability, The bottom line, The money go-around and Fruit Shop economics
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