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  • Audio CD: 30 pages
  • Publisher: Natal Hypnotherapy; 3rd Revised edition edition (1 Mar 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 1905220502
  • ISBN-13: 978-1905220502

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Liz Rider 16th January 2006 QEII Hospital Herts Listened to the Birth preparation CD 20+ times "I started with cramps on Sunday evening which developed into contractions on Monday lunch time. I was having 20-30 second contractions every 2 minutes. The hospital told me to call back when they were really painful, at least 60 seconds long and 3-4 minutes apart. I was told my baby was trying to get into labour. At 6pm my waters broke and the hospital asked me to come in saying they would probably send me home but needed to check me. I arrived at hospital at 7pm and was told the water birth expert would arrive in 1 hours which wasn't a problem unless I was a miracle case. A while later the midwife confirmed I was fully dilated! Officially active labour was 2 hours and 27 minutes. A very positive experience. Pain - what pain??!!!" Elizabeth McGowan 28th October 2005 Rotherham Hospital Listened to the Birth preparation CD 6-10 times "I was one of those women who was totally terrified of the thought of birth from the age of seven. My sister who is a midwife was present and couldn't believe her sister was being so calm, relaxed and in control throughout the whole labour. I went into a totally hypnotic world of peace and calm - I closed my eyes throughout, breathed deeply at each contraction and was sprayed with water to cool me, and a flannel on my forehead. My sister and I have been praising and verbally selling the amazing attributes of the CD to produce a most wonderful birth experience. I can honestly say I enjoyed yes enjoyed the birth with the aid of the CD. I cannot thank you enough - 28 years of worry (worry is wasted energy)." Kim Walton 19th January 2006 Huddersfield Royal Hospital Listened to the Birth preparation CD 20+ times "The CDs had a huge impact on me during the labour and birth itself. I felt very calm and in control - especially my breathing. (The birth music was very relaxing). Before hand I didn't feel I could relax and be hypnotised but it appeared to work! My labour started on the Wednesday late afternoon and my baby was born at 5pm on the Thursday. I used the TENS machine for approximately 12 hours on Wednesday evening and also kept mobile during contractions. I went into hospital at approximately 5am when contractions were approximately 5 minutes apart. I was 3cm dilated when I arrived but then things slowed down. I then continued with aromatherapy massage from my partner and walking/keeping mobile. I was sent home at midday and my waters broke at 12:30 and it then all started. Back in hospital I managed on gas and air and although I wanted a water birth they decided against it because of my blood pressure. My daughter was born at 4:50pm. I coped mainly by focusing on my breathing - mainly the out-breath. At no point did I feel I needed more pain relief. I'm confident the CDs did help - I was so calm! It was a very positive labour and birth for me."

Product Description

"The Natal Hypnotherapy Effective Birth Preparation CD" will enhance your pregnancy and birth experience, by helping you to develop and use your natural skills and inner resources. The CD uses a combination deep relaxation and guided visualization to help you overcome fears, create a state of calm and relaxation, maintain your health, increase bonding with your baby and maximize your bodies potential to give birth naturally. This CD is also part of the "Natal Hypnotherapy Programme" which won the 'Pregnancy Product of the Year'. Benefits of listening to the "Birth Preparation CD" (Hospital or birth centre) include: reducing fear of giving birth; increasing your ability to manage pain; developing a deep trust of your body's ability to give birth naturally; feeling calm, relaxed and prepared for the birth; increasing your sense of being in control; increasing your chance of having a drug fee labour; and, reducing the chances of having post natal depression.