De-Stress: Relax On A Rainbow by Maxine Hopton BSc.(Hon's) Psychology PDCHyp.MBSCH (Audio CD)

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Product Description

This is the first Cd in a series by Maxine Hopton BSc. (Hon's) Psychology PDCHyp. MBSCH. As you listen to this Cd Maxine's gentle voice will guide you into a calm relaxed and peaceful state of mind helping to lower stress. Her voice gently guides you down into a beautiful sunken garden fulll of blossoms rainbows and waterfalls as you relax she fills your mind with positive suggestions of calm, peace and relaxation it's pure bliss. Her suggestions are combined with state of the art digitally recorded music and sound effects that pan from one ear to the other. While in this lovely relaxed state of awareness numerous positive suggestions and echoed affirmations for relaxation, peace, calm and confidence will help to facillitate positive changes. Discover how you can relax your body completely while your mind stays alert as you enjoy feelings of peace and relaxed bliss. This CD lasts approxcimately 30 minute's and is best listened to with headphones in a quite place where you will not be disturbed.