the beginners guide to hypnosis by loretta arsenault  (kindle edition  - 24 mar 2010)

The Beginners Guide to Hypnosis by Loretta Arsenault (Kindle Edition - 24 Mar 2010)

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  • Publisher: Harry Schwartz (24 Mar 2010)
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Product Description

Product Description

Inside The Beginners Guide to Hypnosis, you will discover: 

--The truth about hypnosis. Shake away those preconceived notions about hypnosis as evil, mystical, or occult. 

--Scientific discussion on hypnosis and mind control. 

--How hypnosis affected one of the most infamous men in history, Adolf Hitler. 

--Two ways by which hypnosis is performed. 

--How people get hypnotized on a daily basis. 

--The people most highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. 

--How the improper use of hypnosis can take someone’s life. 

--Hypnosis used as a mechanism for military intelligence. 

--Common techniques to effectively hypnotize subjects. 

--Signs to determine if the subject is already ready and open to hypnotic suggestions. 

--Can hypnosis bring you back to the past? 

--Hypnosis used as a tool for surgery. 

--The best way to treat a physical condition more efficiently. 

--Hypnosis used to resolve crime investigations. 

--Fantastic tips from stage hypnotists to put on a great show. 

--How to tap into your subconscious. 

--How to be a self-hypnosis practitioner. 

--Elements needed for an effective hypnosis session. 

--How to use hypnosis to captivate your lover. 

--How to use hypnosis to quit smoking and other bad habits. 

--How to use hypnosis to lose weight. 

--How to use hypnosis to make someone a real winner. 

--How to use hypnosis to create financial abundance. 

--Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic induction techniques for free, including deepening, induction, testing, and trance! 

--Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic scripts to solve health problems for free, including asthma, depression, stress, constipation, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia, weight gain, smoke addiction, and many others! 

--Where to find a comprehensive list of actual hypnotic scripts to enhance your abilities for free, including concentration, creativity, memory improvement, public speaking, self-confidence, speed reading, financial prosperity, and many others! 

--An extremely powerful self-hypnosis exercise to clear your mind and calm your nerves. 

--Instructions on how to ease away your physical tensions and mental worries through trance that is the gateway to hypnosis.