jorge alfano - musical massage resonance

Jorge Alfano - Musical Massage Resonance

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Artist: Jorge Alfano
Title Of Album: Musical Massage Resonance
Year Of Release: 11 Sep 2007
Original Release Date: February 22, 2000
Label: The Relaxation Company
Genre: World, New Age, Meditation, Healing
Quality: FLAC tracks+.cue
Bitrate: lossless
Length: 59:52
Total Size: 243 MB


Jorge Alfano and his World Ensemble play flutes, guitar, sitar, mbira, saxophone, fretless bass, violin, zither, didgeridoo, and Tibetan bowls to create universal music that crosses all borders and musical styles. Drawing on the musical traditions of South America, Africa, Tibet, Japan, India, and Australia, Alfano and friends create an inspiring global soundscape that eases stress and quiets the mind.

Jorge Alfano is a world music multi-instrumentalist who has played for the Dalai Lama, and with artists such as Richie Havens, Reuben Blades, and Astor Piazzolla.

The Musical Massage Series features instrumental works that immerse the listener in an ambiance of relaxation, deep healing, and rejuvenation. This is music that was created to be heard, felt, and absorbed. A sonic massage for the mind, body, and soul.


Jorge Alfano is a multi-talented and diverse shaman. Musical Massage: Resonance is a disc of gentle acoustic minimalism designed to take listeners to deeper states of subconsciousness. Alfano's virtuosity on ethnic bowls, bells, gongs, strings, reeds, and percussion allows him to explore those states of being without fear. This is one of the best CDs of this nature. The Relaxation Co. has dozens of albums in dozens of series directed at healing. The power of this CD is evident only to deep listeners. It fits Brian Eno's definition of ambience and is interesting and innocuous at the same time. This CD will appeal to fans of Life in Balance, Klaus Wiese, and Jim Cole. ~ Jim Brenholts, Rovi

True to its name, Resonance employs Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, sitar, bass, and a variety of flutes to manifest the pure, ringing sound that is resonance. Slow, strumming guitars interspersed with woody African mbiras and zithers extend in long, lush notes of lovely noise. Most tunes leave melody behind in the name of tonal color and atmospheric composition, and the result is an engaging backdrop of held harmonics where the instruments themselves are paid tribute. "Affinity" creates a ringing-bell ambience with the zither, and the rainstick has never sounded so multidimensional as on the "Rivers of Zimbabwe." This is a unique album that refreshingly doesn't rely on traditional song structure or intellectual instrumental displays. Clinical hypnotist and multi-instrumentalist Jorge Alfano led the project and his meditative vision is extraordinary on this simple yet intriguing album. ~ Karen K. Hugg

Jorge Alfano (bamboo flute, fretless bass); Beledo (12-string & Spanish guitar); Amit Chatterjee (sitar); Leonardo Suarez-Paz (violin); Laraaji (zither); Amy Platt (clarinet, soprano saxophone); Randy Crafton (Mbira, rainstick, cymbals); Will Seachnasaigh (didgeridoo); Ben Lobst (Tibetan bowls).


1. Tibetan Moon (15:09)
2. Siesta (15:29)
3. Rivers of Zimbabwe (13:53)
4. Affinity (15:20)