black lotus - tibetian dynamic meditation

Black Lotus - Tibetian Dynamic Meditation

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This superbly designed, beautifully filmed DVD is an in-depth, easy to follow, step-by-step guide to ?Black Lotus? Tibetan Dynamic Meditation, also known as ?Chakra Movements.? These movements look similar to Tai Chi, but they are based on energy structure of chakras rather than on the structure of Chinese meridians.

The first thing you will learn on the DVD is how to use the instructional guide. After that, Dmitriy explains the basics of Chakra Energy. Then, you will learn a series of exercises for developing sensitivity and the basic elements of Chakra Movements. After you?ve accomplished this, you will learn the Chakra Movements themselves. This is followed with a lesson on breathing technique, which should be incorporated into your ?Black Lotus? practice.

When you become proficient in ?Black Lotus? movements and breathing, you will be able to connect all these elements into one powerful, integrated ?Black Lotus? Complex, which will take about 20 minutes of your time for a full session.

The DVD is divided by chapters so you have fast access to each and every step of the session. To the best of our knowledge this is the first instructional guide on Tibetan Chakra Movements in the United States.


Easy to use DVD menu interface.
Fast and easy to follow, step by step learning system for both beginners and pros.
Great looking graphics and animation for better understanding.


Awakens your inner self-healing powers.
Promotes personal energy for self-healing and well-being.
Balances your chakra energy.
Better strength, stamina and posture with a regular practice.
Develops your self-awareness and sensitivity.
Improves concentration.
Balances your emotional sphere.
A great tool for stress reduction and management.

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Black Lotus - Tibetian Dynamic Meditation