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Chakra's Dream: Zen Meditation

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Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism, referred to in Chinese as Chan. Chan is itself derived from the Sanskrit Dhyana, which means “meditation”. It emphasizes dharma practice and experiential wisdom — particularly as realized in the form of meditation known as zazen — in the attainment of awakening. As such, it de-emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and the study of religious texts in favor of direct, experiential realization

Track List:
01.  The Evolution of Buddhism
02.  Random Thoughts
03.  Full Lotus
04.  The Cosmic Mudra
05.  The Seiza Position
06.  The Burmese Position
07.  Mantras
08.  Deep Deep Breathing
09.  The Study of Self
10.  Half Lotus
11.  Pyramid Structure
12.  The Vital Force of Chi
13.  Zazen
14.  Seat of Enlightenment
15.  Breath of Life
16.  Shikantanza