brendon burchard - experts academy

Brendon Burchard - Experts Academy

    Delivery time:5-7 Days
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Become a highly-paid expert in any field (Start-from-scratch and learn how experts make millions through how-to advice, books, speeches, seminars, coaching and online programs)

The Best Selling Author of "Life's Golden Ticket," Brendon Burchard is about to launch the digital recordings of his famed 4 day "Experts Academy!"

This is the same one that features names like Anthony Robbins, John Gray, David Bach and other top experts on stage revealing NEVER BEFORE information on how they built their mega multimillion dollar empires.

What you will learn about:
- How he used an innovative strategy to write a short"how to" ebook and get it downloaded 117,000 times me an instant expert(and newly minted ric guy)!

- How I skipped the speaking circuit advice of starting out at a few hundred bucks per speech and leaped to $25k per speech with a seret approach to getting booked as a speaker

- How I pull in $500k paydays(that's net) during my easy-to-create weekend seminars.

- How I get coaching clients to pay $25,000 a year without having t work with them one-on-one every month

- How a weird accident led to millions of dollars online with a controversial one-page continuity progam