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    mind control by bill abbott

    Mind Control by Bill Abbott

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    Mind Control by Bill Abbott - Packs super-small plays big, you will always carry this with you.
    Imagine. You place three objects in a row on a table. A set of keys, a credit card, and a watch. You hand a willing participant a pen and ask them to touch the object they seem most drawn to. The participant makes an absolutely free choice of any object, They can even change their mind! You then reveal an indelible prediction left in full view from the very beginning that reveals their chosen object!

    Mind Control Is...
    # A totally free choice! No forcing involved.
    # Guaranteed that you will always be correct!
    # Easy and convenient to carry with you everywhere
    # Performed with common objects supplied by you and your audience
    # Self contained and performable anytime, anywhere, and without a moments notice.
    # A prediction that is in full view of the audience from the beginning
    # Complete with everything you need to perform
    # So Easy to learn you will be performing it almost as soon as you open the package
    # The mind control method is so fiendishly diabolical that it can work in the very hands of an audience member. IN fact, you can even be standing at the other side of the room when the choices are made and at no time during the selection process so you ever need to touch the objects. Mind Control can be presented as a stunning demonstration of linguistics, psychology, and neurology to convince anyone you actually possess the power to control their minds!
    # Also included is Bill Abbott's Advanced Routine where the number of objects is increased to seven making the predicted outcome decidedly more impossible
    A great routine for adults or older children, highly recommended.

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