1200 dollar - billionaire secrets to success

1200 Dollar - Billionaire Secrets To Success

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All of this for only $1200, if bought today. . . Enjoy . . .Are you ready to earn the success you deserve?
Your business success starts with personal success. Bill Bartmann will show you what took him from poverty to the 25th wealthiest person in America, from bankruptcy to billionaire, from failure to Entrepreneur of the Year by NASDAQ, USA Today and Inc. Magazine. The same techniques he used can take your personal life from failure to a success and can take your business from beginning (or failure) to success.

How much money have you wasted on programs full of "good ideas" and untested theories? Bill Bartmann has the experience and the proof of success to back his products up.
Here's What You Get:

A Hardbound Copy of Bill Bartmann's Book
Billionaire Secrets To Success
Find out what took Bill from a failure to a success. In Billionaire Secrets to Success, you will find what created Bill's personal and business success along with tips and ideas to create your own personal and business success. This book is a national best seller that has already changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people.

Bill Bartmann's Self Esteem Workbook
This workbook is Bill Bartmann's proudest accomplishment. It ranks higher than his "National Entrepreneur of the Year" award, his Smithsonian award and his presidential awards. Your business success starts with personal success and a healthy self-esteem. Join the list of the thousands who have already found this workbook to be incredibly powerful and life-changing.

Bill Bartmann's Nine Steps to Set and Achieve Any Goal
DVD and CD
Get ready to be blown away. If you’ve ever had challenges in your life, then you will not BELIEVE the story you hear on this recording. In fact, it’s so powerful that one executive said: “In the 17 years since I’ve been associated with the Chief Executive Officers’ Club of Boston and the hundreds of speakers that I’ve heard over those many years, you are the first speaker to bring total silence to a room full of high-powered CEOs.”

You will experience Bill’s same story on this CD/DVD set. But it’s not just a story; it’s a proven path from where you are, to where you want to go.

Get ready to discover why the goal setting you’ve learned everywhere else is doomed to failure. It’s not been your fault that many of your goals have not happened; it’s been the unworkable process you were taught! Bill explains a whole different mindset. He also reveals the missing pieces that other systems ignore, and how they’re crucial to creating a plan that will succeed.

Oh, and if you think Bill’s system is going to suck up way too much of your time, think again: Bill’s “cracked the code” with a system that almost effortlessly blends into your daily activities. Bill’s had extraordinary challenges in life, and he’s turned them into extraordinary successes. That’s not happened by thinking the same way everyone else does.

Fortunately, there’s nothing mystical or magical about how Bill thinks; it’s a step-by-step process that he outlines for you on this recording. Apply Bill’s methods to your situation, stand back, and be prepared for phenomenal results!

Bill Bartmann's The Ten Steps to Overcome Any Failure
DVD and CD
This set is very powerful. Bill has learned that unless a person can learn how to deal with their failures, they can never become successful. This set shows you how Bill overcame a bankruptcy and went all the way to billionaire.

Bill Bartmann's Change Your Focus & Change Your Life
DVD and CD
In this set Bill shows you the simple techniques that are part of the most powerful teachings available – anywhere. Find out how a simple change of focus can change your life and your business.

Bill Bartmann's Best One-Hour Workshops
In these four hours of solid teaching and Q&A, Bill lays out all of the tools you will need to transform your life and your business into a success.