american business history and the people who made it

American Business History and the People Who Made It

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Since the formation of the American Republic the principles of free enterprise and equal opportunity have been at the very core of economic philosophy. During the revolution, colonists fought not only for intangibles like “liberty” and “justice,” but also for the promises of a free market that provided everyone with the opportunity to pursue economic advancement regardless of social position and unsubjugated to a crown. America quickly became a society in which an individual’s success would be measured not by birthright, but rather by determination. In this atmosphere, men and women have sought fortune limited only by their own abilities, their willingness to work hard, and their courage in the face of unknown dangers. In this course, we’ll examine the lives and careers of successful men and women who seized the opportunities offered by the vibrant and open economy that has ensued. We’ll examine how each of these individuals found the necessary resources—both economic and personal—to achieve greatness in the business arena. In doing so, we hope not only to arrive at a better understanding of American business history in general, but also to commune with its greatest visionaries—its Masters of Enterprise.
Course Syllabus:
Lecture 01 The Business of America 
Lecture 02 John Jacob Astor: From Furs to Real Estate 
Lecture 03 Cyrus McCormick: The Business of Agriculture 
Lecture 04 Cornelius Vanderbilt and Jay Gould: Speculating on America 
Lecture 05 Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller: An Obsession for Efficiency 
Lecture06 J.P. Morgan: The Triumph of the Money Man 
Lecture 07 Henry Ford and Alfred P. Sloan: Capturing the Dream 
Lecture 08 Walt Disney: The Business of Fantasy 
Lecture 09 Robert Woodruff: As American as Coke 
Lecture 10 Ray Kroc: The Industrialization of Eating 
Lecture 11 Sam Walton: Will the Real Uncle Sam Please Stand Up? 
Lecture 12 Mary Kay Ash: What Do Women Want? 
Lecture 13 Andrew Grove and Bill Gates: Intel (and Microsoft) Inside 
Lecture 14 The Past and Future of American Business