personality development by pebbles

Personality Development By Pebbles

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"Personality Development" is an interactive guide for the youngsters in search of achievement. The most important tool in the quest for success is self-confidence. Theyoungsters need motivation, determination, dedication and perseverance to complete in the race for success.
This CD presented in an interactive mode, covers various topics and situations. It adds new dimension to one's personality by kindling potential and enhancing it manifold in a non-taxing, self educative andeasy to absorb approach.
The broad topics covered are:
Handling people
Art of Attraction
Overcome worries
How to face criticisms
Healthy mind
Effective speaking
Public speaking
Maturity and responsibility
Successful relationships
Time Management
Memory Enhancement
Remembering names
Communicating with memory Impaired
Decision making
The CD is compatible with PC CD ROM.