warren buffet the billionaire next door going global

Warren Buffet: The Billionaire Next Door Going Global

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Travel around the globe with the world's third richest man. Billionaire Warren Buffett leaves his home in Omaha for a rare trip to China and South Korea.Buffett shares his investment plans and the secrets he learned in the Far East. Join CNBC's Becky Quick and discover what it's like to travel with the "Oracle of Omaha!"

Going Global
Warren Buffett's holding company, Berkshire Hathaway is expanding internationally. Find out why Buffett is investing in an Isreali company.
Far East Tour
The "Oracle of Omaha" rarely leaves his hometown of Omaha Nebraska and when he does, its not for long. Hear from the man who convinced him to tour Asia...and how he was able to accomplish such a feat.
The Nebraska Connection
Warren Buffett may not have an entourage, but he doesnt travel alone. One of his flight companions on his trip to asia is the CEO of Berkshire's Nebraska Furniture Mart. We'll tell you why he's making the trip.
Advice from the Oracle
Warren Buffett may live a simple life in Omaha...but when he hits the road, a crowd does too. Everyone wants to hear his advice, including college students...and some famous friends, including one athlete who's at the top of his game.
Buffett Behind the Scenes
Ever wanted to travel with a billionaire? See what its like firsthand as Becky Quick takes you behind the scenes in Warren Buffett's private plane.