body language pack (complete collection)

Body Language Pack (Complete Collection)

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Complete Collection of Body Language Ebooks and Extras

Facial Expression Handbook Of Cognition And Emotion
Geoffrey Beattie - Visible Thought
Gerard I. Nierenberg & Henry H. Calero - How To Read A Person Like A Book
Handbook Of Cognition And Emotion
Jo-Elian Dimitrius - How To Understand People And Predict Their Behavior
Klaus Scherer-The New Handbook Of Methods In Nonverbal Behavior Research
Lang Bradley - Motivation And Emotion (Handbook Of Psychophysiology)
Paul Ekman & Erika L. Rosenberg - What The Face Reveals Basic-Applied Studies Of Spontaneous Expression Using F.A.C.S
Paul Ekman - Emotions Revealed
Paul Ekman - Telling Lies
Paul Ekman - Umasking The Face
Peter Collett - Cartea Gesturilor
Richard Sandier & John Grinder - Frogs Into Princes - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Synthesis - a small body language synthesis made by me from various sources [.pdf]
95 paintings from various artists, for personal "training" [.jpg]
115 journal articles and book chapters [.pdf] from Dr. Paul Ekman's site, free.
Facial Action Coding System [F.A.C.S.]
Micro Expression Training Tool [M.E.T.T.]
Subtle Expression Training Tool [S.E.T.T.]
Comprehensive Affect Testing Software [C.A.T.S.] - evaluation mode