unlimited self-confidence

Unlimited Self-Confidence

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My Confidence Vision

In this session you will be guided to imagine a situation in which you have experienced feeling less confident than you would like to. You will then imagine yourself in that situation, handling it as a calm and confident person. Ultimately you are guided to a new future situation, where you have created the confident life you have always aspired to have, and finally ending the journey with several confidence boosting affirmations.


Circle of Confidence

In this NLP technique, Circle of Confidence, you will call upon your own resources to a time when you felt all that confidence that you want to feel and anchor it into the circle, with which you will ultimately walk forward from feeling a renewed sense of powerful self-confidence.



Modeling Confidence

In this NLP technique called Modeling, you will bring to mind a person with whom you admire most for their self-confidence, and learn in intricate detail those things that make them self-confidence. You will get to experience what it is like to be inside their mind and in their body and move forward with the same confidence that they possess.



Positive Affirmations
These positive affirmations, over 25 minutes worth, will lift you up anytime of day or night, whether you are working or driving. You can use these to pump up your self-confidence on the way to any important meeting, date, whatever you want and you are certain to feel a great ease and calm in your ability to accomplish anything.