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Talk Dirty to Me Hypnosis CDs

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Spice up your sex life with your lover!

This is beyond the sexiest, most erotic, hypnotic program, you have ever experienced. Take your sex life from normal, hum drum, boring ... to passionate, romantic, and naughty.

Each session progressively intensifies your level of comfort and sexual skill with your partner. You are first driven to a higher level of sexual energy and aliveness in the most intimate enchanthing energy exchange between two people, leaving you with only one thing to do when this hypno-sexploration has ended ... the fun has only begun.

Next you are guided through a hypnotic sexy story between two lovers, told only after you are in a deep state of hypnosis.

Finally, you will learn the basics of dirty talking, in Talk like a Porn Star.  This session will drive both men and women wild in bed by increasing your sexual vocabulary so you can feel confidence, safe and comfrtable using language fit for a slut or a stud.

Even if you are single, you will get hours of fun, fantasizing and rehearsing just what you WILL do with your lover when they do come into your life.

Sessions Include:

  • Loving Sexual Arousal - Where you will turn up the volume of the sexual vibration that exists between you and your lover ... a loving and erotic energy grows between you to prepare you for each continuing session and to intensify any sexual encounter you will enjoy together.

  • Couples Erotic Fantasy - Takes you into hypnotic erotic trance ... then you will listen to a story where you are the characters in the story.  Suggestions are given to encourage you to later on play the roles of the characters in the story you are listening to ...

  • Talk Like a Porn Star - Learn how to "Talk Dirty" to your partner.  Let it be a fun and enchanting way to heat up the sexual vibe between you and your lover.  Causes you to feel very comfortable to use "naughty" words with each other.